Aluminum Church Window Frames

It is important to allow the artist to coordinate the frame components so the design of the window is considered at its earliest stages. The advantage of buying your frame and art glass from a single source is the coordination of sizes in-house. There is no waiting for field verifications of sizes to begin work on the art glass, and no extra middle-man charges because you are buying direct from the manufacturer. This allows for a harmonious integration of the structural frame components and the planned artistic glass insert.

New/Traditional Stained Glass Windows

A reflection of your ideas... Baut designers will work with you to create a meaningful and glorious artistic statement for your worship space.

Aluminum Church Doors

We will work with you and within your budget to get the finest, most functional doors for your money.

All Baut Doors begin with the same quality features and advantages to give you the best aluminum door on the market. We make only one quality of door and it's built to last. The pricing structure varies by how elaborate of a door insert that is chosen.

All Baut Doors feature:

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