Specifications for Doors by The Baut Studios

  1. All artwork is to be original, COPYRIGHTED, and will remain the property of this studio.
  2. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, this studio will furnish sketches to scale, in color if applicable. Approval must be forthcoming prior to commencement of work.
  3. Upon request, this studio will furnish a complete certificate of insurance coverage, including all liability, workman's compensation and auto insurance.
  4. All doors and frames shall be aluminum and shall have all necessary hardware as specified in the contract.
  5. Painting (unless specified), patching of plaster and securing of building and/or contractor's permits, if necessary, shall be performed by others.
  6. We reserve the right to use materials and techniques that may be necessary to meet certain unusual job site conditions or fill specific client needs. Any and all materials used are subject to the scrutiny of The Baut Studios, Inc. materials and quality control inspections.
  7. All drawings and written materials appearing herein constitute original and unpublished work of The Baut Studios, Inc. The reproduction of these drawings and/or artwork for the purpose of copying this work of revising said drawing shall, in no circumstance, be approved. Violation of this restriction shall be considered a violation of the code of ethics and theft of company assets, both of which shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of current statutes.

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