Featured Project
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church
Harrisburg, PA

Original Baut windows from closed church prior to their removal. These windows
were created pre Vatican II , 1965-67. Note the rectangular shape of windows
and the high level of detail and painting.

Window after modification and addition of border glass, installed in new church.

New window created to match the 45 year old windows prior to installation.

Original clerestory windows by Others in old church prior to removal.

Detail of clerestory window. Please note the level of painted detail in the symbol
area and the lack of painted detail in the background glass. The symbols were
removed from this background. New backgrounds were cut, painted and fired
then re-leaded to create a new window for the clerestory of the new church.

Glass prior to painting

Finished window in our shop

The church wanted 2 windows with the same symbol for confessional windows.
Unfortunately, there was only one original symbol from the old church.
This symbol was placed in the new background and another window to
match it was made.

This symbol window created new to match the other confessional window.

These symbol windows were created from the lower vent sections of the
older windows. They are installed in educational classrooms.

The clerestory windows and the figure windows as seen in the nave of
the church. A beautifully blended work from 2 different companies
and 2 different time periods.

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